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Nesting bird

This fictional company site has been created to show you the capabilities of Perch.

Simple to install

Retrofit an existing site


This example shows how Perch can be added to an existing set of HTML files – you don’t need to create a theme or change the way you work.

More than you might think

Perch can be powerful

Bird house

Once you start to use Perch you’ll discover it is far more capable than a simple content editor. Dive into our documentation and video tutorial for more.

Swift Migrations is an entirely fictitious company invented to demonstrate the capabilities of the Perch content management system.

We’re really glad you stopped by. Now why not have a look around, take a peek at the source code and see how easy it is to get Perch up and running for your next project.

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Our clients recommend us, Swift Migrations are migrations for all seasons.

Swift Migrations moved our whole flock quickly and without fuss. We were also very happy with the bill!

Our company were looking at expanding into warmer climates for the winter. Swift Migrations made the move effortless.